Weshine Energy is a leading global provider of photovoltaic and energy storage solutions, committed to becoming a leader in digital energy solutions, providing innovative technology and system solutions for household, industrial and commercial, and large ground power plants worldwide. The core products cover photovoltaic modules, Solar inverter, energy storage batteries, and data center energy systems. The company focuses on creating a competitive advantage in the global market for its products, technology, market, and services, while further strengthening its independent innovation efforts. In the future, Weshine Energy will adhere to the corporate mission of changing the energy structure through technology, and strive to build independent innovation core competitiveness in the zero carbon era. With leading photovoltaic and energy storage products and solutions, Weshine Energy will promote the global energy structure transformation through technology.
Corporate Vision:Strive for stability and distance, seek truth from facts.
Team Values:Integrity and responsibility, pursuit of excellence, win-win cooperation, unity and unity, and co creation of a billion yuan cooperation.

Work philosophyDiligence and dedication are fundamental, while work efficiency is essential.

Marketing Concept:Never promote for profit, solving pain points is the first priority.
Service idea:Focusing on customers and providing them with high-quality solutions to achieve win-win results.

Executive philosophy:
There is no excuse for execution and the courage to improve and progress.
High efficiency Reduce electricity costs
Sustainable Renewable energy
Multipurpose Supporting multiple types of electricity consumption
Software real-time monitoring of various data
Address:3C, Chuangxiang Technology Building, Zijing Road, Fubao Community, Fubao Street, Futian District, Shenzhen Phone:+86 13903024500 Email: sales@weshinenergy.com